Raheem Sterling sends inspirational letter to young fan who was racially abused


Ethan Ross’ grandmother Sue contacted the City player who himself has been the victim of racism

Raheem Sterling has written a letter offering encouragement and support to a young football fan who suffered racial abuse.

Ethan Ross, who was the victim of racism, received the letter after his grandmother Sue, had contacted the Manchester City star.

Raheem Sterling wrote a letter of support to a racism victim

In his letter, along with a signed photo, Sterling told Ethan he is both ‘strong’ and ‘brave’ and reminded him to be proud of who he is.

It began: “Dear Ethan,

“I have recently been told from your loving Nanna Sue about the tough time you are having with racial abuse.

‘”Remember to stand tall and be proud of who you are and don’t let them take away your courage. You are strong and very brave, and your Nanna is also very proud of you. Keep being you kid.

“Remember speaking up doesn’t always make life easy, but easy never changed anything.

“With kind regards,

Raheem Sterling.”

The letter had emerged on social media and is another indication of the impact Sterling is having on helping to play his part in fighting prejudice within football and society.

Sterling was allegedly racially abused during City’s 2-0 defeat at Chelsea in December, and afterwards took to Instagram the following day to claim the media ‘helps fuel racism’.

He said he expected no better at Stamford Bridge, and compared two stories involving two of his City team-mates to highlight his point.

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