N’Golo Kante too humble to complain about Maurizio Sarri’s tactics, Emmanuel Petit claims

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World Cup winner Kante was perhaps the best defensive midfielder in the world over the past two seasons, but he has been forced to play out of position this term

Maurizio Sarri’s decision to move N’Golo Kante out of position does not make any sense to former Chelsea and Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Petit, who claims the World Cup winner is too humble to complain about his role this season.

Kante, 27, is widely regarded as one of the best defensive midfielders in world football but he’s not been allowed to play in his strongest position under Sarri, who was appointed Chelsea manager last summer.

Kante has been lauded as a world class talent since joining English football in 2015

Sarri brought Jorginho with him to Stamford Bridge from Napoli to become the Blues’ new deep-lying midfielder, with Kante pushed slightly forward to accommodate the Italy international.

There have been few criticisms of Kante in this box-to-box role, as he’s actually performed admirably and chipped in with four goals and four assists in all competitions – making this his most prolific season to date.

He is clearly developing as a footballer under Sarri, but there is no doubt he would still be performing at a higher level if he was playing in his strongest role.

And Petit, himself a midfielder during his playing days, has questioned Sarri’s decision to move Kante from his best position.

Furthermore, he claims Kante will not complain about the role he has been forced to play by the Italian – as he is too humble to cause trouble.

Speaking to paddypower.com, Petit said: “Sarri’s decision to move Kante away from his original position, where he was probably the best in the world over the past two or three years, surprised me.

“Kante says he’s learning and taking pleasure in this new position. He doesn’t want to make waves – we all know in France how humble Kante is, so he will never cause trouble.

Kante was forced out of position so Jorginho could play in the holding role

Kante was forced out of position so Jorginho could play in the holding role

“But can anyone explain why you move Kante out of his best position in favour of Jorginho?

“I’d never heard of Jorginho before he went to Chelsea, and I’ve nothing against him, but he isn’t the right fit for the Premier League.

“When you have players who play so well in a certain position, why would you move them somewhere else?”

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