Adrian Durham explains why fans don’t like Liverpool and why they don’t want the Reds to win the Premier League


Jurgen Klopp’s side are locked in a two-horse race with Manchester City for the prestigious crown

Adrian Durham believes fans do not like Liverpool because their fans are arrogant.

The Drive host was talking to Darren Gough in light of Dean Saunders’ comments about the Reds and their lack of general popularity.

On the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Saunders claimed rival supporters were perhaps jealous of their immense success over the years.

Liverpool supporters know success is within their grasp

And with a potential double in Europe and domestically, the hype surrounding Jurgen Klopp’s side is on the brink of overdrive.

Should the Reds at least lift their first ever Premier League trophy, Durham believes supporters from the red half of Merseyside are about to become a lot more insufferable.

“People don’t like them [Liverpool] because they keep going on about ‘this is our year’.,” he said.

“They keep going on about ‘oh this is our year, this is our year, this is our year’ and it’s not your year.

Jurgen Klopp has shown flashes of petulance during his Anfield tenure

Jurgen Klopp has shown flashes of petulance during his Anfield tenure

“You’ve got to earn that – you can’t say it’s going to be your year; you’ve got to earn that.

“So people don’t like the fact they bang on about that.

“But we also know, all of us know, that Liverpool fans will never, ever stop talking about it if they win the League.

“Like they refuse to top talking about Istanbul!”

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